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Due to difficult economic climates, large overheads, intense competition, and downsizing of senior level employees Honeywell’s Process and Automatic Controls department are understaffed with senior expertise to provide total client care in an effective and efficient manner. There are several areas of new system component sales and services that are in need of contractor assistance. CSS will help fulfill these needs. Honeywell is open to contractor assistance, and is accommodating in areas of training and support.

Here in the Southwest area the Honeywell installed base is primarily process control systems. In the Northeast it is primarily automatic control systems. The smaller sector of the automatic control system market in the Southwest, and the large number of prospective clients, offers great opportunity to build the Honeywell installed base. CSS intends to bid new construction projects, upgrade existing projects, and offer a wide range of support services in the automatic control system business.

In the Southwest Honeywell process control systems have a very large installed base; however, their staff of senior engineering resources has suffered due to the sluggish economy. CSS intends to augment Honeywell resources offering a wide range of support services.

Although CSS will initially concentrate on developing its business in Texas and Midwestern states, CSS intends to eventually extend its support offerings beyond the Texas and the Midwest, and even beyond the United States of America borders.